ESX VISION Active Spare Wheel Subwoofer V-1100A

28 cm (11”) Active Subwoofer System
for Spare Wheel Recess and Rims (up from 15-inches)

Integrated Class A/B Amplifier

1 x 150 Watts RMS / 1 x 300 Watts MAX

LP 50-150 Hz, Bass Boost 0-12dB @ 45 Hz

Phase Switch 0/180°, RCA Inputs

Auto Turn-On, High Level Inputs

Remote Controller for Bass Level, LP and Phase

Dimensions: Ø 360 x 145 mm

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The V1100A is built into a solid aluminum enclosure and packed with a large 28 cm (11“) woofer, which fits nearly into every spare wheel recess or into the rim of the spare wheel (15-inches and more). Both models is equipped with high-level inputs and auto turn-on. This is making it perfect for existing sound systems or factory equipment when more bass power is needed. To control the bass level, the low-pass filter and phase from the driver’s seat, the system is equipped with a remote.

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