ESX VISION Trapeze-Subwoofer V-800A

20 cm (8“) Active Subwoofer with

opposite passive 20 cm (8”) Subwoofer

Integrated Class D Amplifier

1 x 200/400 Watts RMS/max.

LP 50-150 Hz @ 12/18 dB
Bass Boost 0-12dB @ 45 Hz

Subsonicfilter 15 Hz fixed
Phase Switch 0/180°

Auto Turn-On via High Level Inputs

High or Low Level Inputs

Bass-Remote included

Dimensions: 235 x 275 x 350/240 mm

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The trapezoidal V800A system with 20 cm (8”) woofer and opposite passive radiator for more bass pressure is perfect for small trunks or niches behind the seats. The system is equipped with high-level inputs and auto turn-on. With its integrated Class D Amplifier module it perfect for existing sound systems or factory equipment when more bass power is needed. To control the bass level from the driver’s seat, the V800A  comes with a remote controller for the bass level.

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