ESX Compact-Subwoofer DBX-200Q

15 x 23 cm (6 x 9”) Bassreflex System
for Fiat Ducato Plattform and others

Power Rating 200/400 Watt RMS/max.

Impedance 2 + 2 Ohms

Laterally located bass reflex port

Subwoofer with scooped paper cone

Subwoofer protection grille

Dimensions: 36,5 x 18,5 x 26,5 cm

Compatibility (free space under the front passenger seat):

Fiat Ducato III (Type 250, since 2006), Ducato IV (Type 290, since 2015)

Citroën Jumper II (Type 250, since 2006), Jumper III (Type 290, since 2015)

Peugeot Boxer II (Type 250, ab 2006), Boxer III (Type 290, since 2015)

and others…

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Oftenly owners of Fiat Ducato or even (identical) Citroen Jumper/Peugeot Boxer want to improve the sound of the original sound system. Since no subwoofer is installed at the factory, the sound in the low-frequency range leaves something to be desired. Remedy here is the compact bassreflex system DBX200Q, which you can easily place anywhere in the vehicle inconspicuous. Even better – if no additional battery is installed under the front passenger seat – it even fits exactly with the dimensions of 36.5 x 18.5 x 26.5 cm into the free space under the seat.


The very compact DBX200Q system can also be universally used in all other vehicles as a retrofit box. Especially by the so-called “Downfire” principle, the downward emission of the subwoofer, it produces very powerful bass, because high tones are eliminated. An optical highlight is the box with fine acrylic glass and the ESX logo, the woofer itself is protected by a stable grille.

Tömeg 6,4 kg