ESX VISION Kompo-Kit 20 cm VS-200C BMW

119 990 Ft

Semi-active 3-Way Component System

Power Rating 60/120 Watts RMS/max. + 100/200 Watts RMS/max.

Frequency Range 30 – 22000 Hz

2 x 217 mm Polypropylene Cone Woofer (3 Ohms)

2 x 102 mm Polypropylene Cone Speakers(4 Ohms)

2 x 25 mm Silk Dome Neodymium Tweeter (4 Ohm)

2 x Crossover with 3-fold Tweeter Level Adjustment

Additionally required:

1 x 4-Channel-Amplifier or 2 x 2-Channel-Amplifier

Fits into:

1er (E81/82/87/88, F20/21), 2er (F22)

3er (E90/91/92/93, F30/31/34/35)

4er (F32/33), 5er (E60/61, F10/11)

6er (F06/12/13), 7er (F01/02/03/04)

Z4er (E89), X1er (E84), X3er (E83, F25), X5er (E70), X6er (E71)

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ESX offers with the VISION VS series playful Plug+Play speakers that fit into almost any BMW model in recent years and into the current vehicle range. The VISION VS components are optimally designed for each BMW models – accurately constructed and ready for installation including all adapters and interconnection elements. Perfect as an upgrade of the existing factory sound system or as part of a completely new installation with powerful amplifiers, they are far more than just a substitute if the original speaker must be replaced. Sturdy steel baskets, rigid polypropylene cones and powerful magnet motors ensure rich basses and harmonize perfectly with the finely playing neodymium tweeters.

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