69 990 Ft

30 cm (12”) Subwoofer

Power Rating 800/1600 Watts RMS/max.

Impedance 2 + 2 Ohm

76 mm Dual Voice Coil

140oz (3,9 kg) Dual Magnet

SPL up to 145 dB

Installation Depth 160 mm

Installation Opening: 288 mm

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The new QUANTUM QE woofers are the slightly lighter siblings of the VISION VE woofers, but they have it all. Even in this series, large up to 220°C heat resistant 3 “(76 mm) voice coils come to use. Furthermore, the ESX engineers equipped them with chrome pole plates, Nomex spiders with integrated dual strands and a generous ventilation for the voice coil cooling. Surrounds and cones are double-stiched and in conjunction with the very low mass, these subwoofers produce a very high efficiency (at 1 W input) of 89 dB with the the 30 cm models and 91 dB with the 38 cm woofers – very good values for high end woofers. The results are crispy detailed bass lines and very high sound pressure levels which will be achieved with the rated power: 145 dB at the 30 cm models (box volume 70L) and 148 dB at the 38 cm models (box volume 100L). We have tested the subwoofers with an output up to 3kW and were amazed that they have mastered this output power without any problems. It is recommended, to test this not for yourself, but it shows the potential of this affordable subwoofers!

  • Sturdy Aluminum Basket
  • 76 mm Dual Voice Coils
  • VCC 200° Heat Resistance
  • Double Centering
  • Sewed-in Tinsel Leads
  • Enforced Aluminum Cones
  • Dual Magnet Drivers 140 oz (3969 g)
  • Chrome Pole Plates
  • Scooped Paper Cones
  • Double Stitched Surrounds
  • X-Max. +/-20 mm
  • Sound Quality Woofer
Tömeg 11,4 kg